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Our mission

As a secondary school program, our mission is to produce literate middle and high school students whose lives are enriched by their ability to read, write and speak eloquently, both in school and in the world at large.


All language arts curriculum development is based upon content and performance standards focused on placing the responsibility for learning with the student.

The student will achieve a sense of personal efficacy as he/she gains the ability to:

  • internalize the standards
  • understand his/her responsibility for the work
  • set goals
  • self-assess as he or she improves

The following curriculum is inquiry-based.

  • It is the student who investigates, makes meaning and communicates the results of the learning task.
  • Each student's work demonstrates his/her application of knowledge and her/his ability to meet the standard.

Middle school

High school

Lesson plans

Riverdeep Learning Village

The Language Arts curriculum will allow the student time to work both alone and collaboratively in a learning community.

Contact information

Reading/Language Arts Specialist
Rodilyn Bacho-Logsdon

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