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Mathematics Curriculum Support Documents for K-12 Mathematics Courses may be found for teachers and administrators in River Deep Learning Village

Mathematics Enrichment Activities and District Competitions



Elementary Sunshine Math

Beth Gonzalez
[email protected]

Middle School Math Field Day

Mary Badillo
[email protected]

Jean Spiwak
[email protected]

SECME Competitions

Susan Biehler
[email protected]

North East Florida Chapter MathCounts

Scott Johnson, P.E.
[email protected]

Brain Brawl

Kathy LeRoy
[email protected]

Mathematics Resources for Teachers

Duval County Mathematics Councils

Adopted Curricula Resources

Florida Department of Education Resources

FL Office of Mathematics and Science Power Point Presentation on Revised Mathematics Standards:  Power Point File

FL Department of Education Brochure regarding World-Class standards for Mathematics and Science: Click here for the PDF file

Other Mathematics Education Resources

Mathematics Resources for Parents

Mathematics Resources for Elementary Students

Number Sense Hundreds Board use this tool to skip count or record information on the hundreds board

Skip Counting on Hundreds Chart teachers use a calculator to model skip counting as the counts are recorded on a hundreds chart

Skip Counting Tool you can count up and back by various numbers from different starting points

Skip Counting Students predict and you set the count by then click and see if they were correct

Multiplication Table this site is a tutorial of how to tackle the Monster Table and help kids see that they only need to memorize a few facts

Arrays and Multiplication charts shows the relationship between arrays and multiplication charts

Arrays and Division shows how arrays and division are related

Fact Flash for Multiplication You can click on the arrow to flash up various multiplication facts or set the speed (for games like Around the World) changing the objectives as needed

Visualizing Fractions allows you to create and illustrate fractions

Fractions with pattern blocks

Fractions and Percents relationships has a visual representation of the fraction and shows how to convert it into a percent

Measurement Random Angle Measurement Allows you to move the protractor and free rotate it to measure numerous angles.

Modeling area this site allows you to change the dimensions of a rectangle to show how the area changes

Online geoboards use to make polygons, triangles and other shapes and determine area and perimeter

Geoboards students look at polygons to determine area

Clock Wise this site lets you set any time on the clock and watch the clock go to that time

Stop Watch if you want to time something with a stopwatch, here you go

Geometry Pattern Blocks

Online geoboards to demonstrate symmetry

Shape Sorter sort shapes in a Venn Diagram

Coordinate geometry teacher can place a dot on a location and the students can identify the location on the grid

Mirror Symmetry

Algebra Pattern Blocks

Shape Sorter sort shapes in a Venn Diagram

Probability and Statistics Graphing questions for K teachers

Making Graphs a tutorial about graphing

Collecting data with tally marks

Racing Game with One Die create fair or unfair car race with dice

Spinner Probability choose various spinners and spin them as the computer records the results

Spinners Click on the plus and minus to make different portions

Mathematics Resources for Secondary Students

Contact Information
Kathryn LeRoy, Chief Officer
Mathematics and Science Education
Administration Building #3001, 3rd floor, Room 343
[email protected]

Jackie Scott, Secretary
(904) 390-2522

Mathematics Department, 3rd Floor, #3001
1701 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, FL  32207
Fax (904) 390-2614

Mathematics Resource Teachers

Beth Coleman Gonzalez
Elementary K-5
[email protected]eamsbeginhere.org

Lora Meade
Elementary K-5
[email protected]

Mary McDougal
Middle School 6-8
[email protected]

Aaron Smith
High School 9-12
[email protected]

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