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This article describes a personal reading technique that ensures accurate comprehension while reading informational texts. When a student reads with a specific technique to "dissect" the text, he immediately sees progress in his reading efficiency. He also is more likely to create his own system for reading the text.

Project: KIDS READ

The Duval County Public Schools and the Jacksonville Public Library Project: KIDS READ partnership is dedicated to improving and ensuring student success through exemplary library service to children, their families, teachers, and school communities. Project: KIDS READ is an alliance of combined action to develop the love of reading in all children while establishing programs and services that help remove barriers to successful learning. Project: KIDS READ establishes the public library and the public school system as an effective support system to students and school communities for successful lifelong learning.

Click here to view the summer reading list for Pre-K through 5th grade students.

Watch This Site for Additional Reading and Study Strategies

  • Critical Reading: a study system for Before, While, and After reading difficult textbook chapters
  • Learning and thinking critically by accommodating personal learning styles
  • The seven intelligences: why not take one of the scenic routes to learning!
  • Memory techniques and applications: wake up that imagination and choose the proper HOOK
  • Study reading rates and faulty habits
  • Mind mapping: a whole brain approach to learning
  • Inferences: reading between the lines or around the lines
  • Literature highlights:
    • Realism literature
    • Science fiction literature
    • Sports literature
    • Romance literature
    • The Quest and literature
    • Adventure literature
    • Historical literature

If you have questions or would like further information, please call:

Pat Melvin, District Reading Resource Teacher – Secondary level

(904) 390-2136

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