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Council on Educational Equity and Inclusion

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What is the Council on Educational Equity and Inclusion?

The Council formalizes the school district’s equity and diversity efforts and sets a clear course for putting policy into practice.  Comprised of principals, teachers, students, administrative office staff and other district employees, the Council currently meets six times per year, however, this will likely change as progress is made.

Our Purpose: To create a climate of appreciation for differences among our students and staff.

Our Goal:      To help eliminate the achievement gap by fostering respect for—and celebration of—our diversity; and to promote cultural unity, individual growth, classroom and workplace harmony.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Increase human relations skills and capacity of our principals, teachers, students and administrative staff in order to eliminate the achievement gap, develop greater creativity, better insights, improved decision-making, and enhanced solutions.

  • Create a competent and engaged student body and workforce prepared to learn and work cooperatively in our global community.

Josephine Jackson, J.D.
Equity Officer
Office of Equal Opportunity

Respect for Self, Respect for Others, Responsibility for all You do!

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