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What is the Office of Equal Opportunity/Equal Access?

Federal and state law require that an individual or office be designated by local school districts to oversee the implementation of policies dealing with discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment, and to make sure they are complied with within the public school system.

What do we do?

Among the responsibilities of the Office of Equal Opportunity/Equal Access (EO/EA) are:

  • to investigate allegations of discrimination and/or harassment,
  • to develop and recommend policies and practices related to the prevention of discrimination and prohibited conduct in our schools and workplace,
  • to disseminate the district's nondiscrimination policy and grievance appeal procedures to ensure they are posted in a visible location and
  • to conduct policy reviews at our schools and facilities to inform employees and anyone associated with the District of its non-discrimination policies and procedures.

Find out more

The EO/EA Office produces Equity - a twice yearly newsletter featuring pertinent information about laws and trends in the area of discrimination and harassment, as well as other helpful information. Read Equity

Need to schedule a review?

Contact the EO/EA Office at (904) 390-2181.

Contact information

Josephine Jackson, J.D.
Equity Officer
Office of Equal Opportunity
Duval County Public Schools
1701 Prudentail Drive, 5th Floor
Jacksonville, FL 32207-8182

Phone: (904) 390-2181
Fax: (904) 390-2536

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