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The mission of the Organizational Development department is to provide support for the growth and development of teachers, principals, district staff, and administrators by equipping them with increased knowledge and skills that result in enhanced professional practices and improved student achievement.

In Duval County Public Schools, there has been a focused effort to provide more structure for in-service education due in part to state and national initiatives. The Florida School Community Professional Development Act (1012.98) required the Department of Education to design methods by which school districts may evaluate and improve their professional development systems. The evaluation process required by this legislation is the Florida Department of Education Professional Development System Evaluation Protocol. The system is based on standards established by The National Staff Development Council (NSDC). All School districts participate in reviews of their professional development systems by the Department of Education through multi-year site visits. The protocols explore four components of professional development.

  • Planning: What planning occurs to organize and support the professional development?
  • Delivery: How often and how well is the professional development delivered?
  • Follow-up: What follow-up is provided to ensure that teachers use the skills and knowledge gained through professional development?
  • Evaluation: What evaluation occurs to ensure that the professional development results in teacher use in the classroom and improvements in student learning

These components are addressed at the district, school and faculty levels. The goal is to align these levels across the district to establish a collaborative system of training and development with support for successful implementation of professional development initiatives.

Patricia S. Willis
General Director, Organizational Development


General Director, Organizational Development

Patricia S. Willis


Director, Teacher Development

Dawn Wilson


Director, Recertification and Non-Certificated 
   Personnel Professional Development

Brenda Wims


Supervisor, Teacher Induction

Dale Blackmon


Supervisor, Instructional Design Niki Micheau 348-7121
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