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Technology Infrastructure

The mission of the Technology Infrastructure Department is to provide standardized structured wiring for power, data, CCTV, and telephone distribution in all of our schools. Coordination of all aspect of the design and construction is important, our schools vary widely in their construction and needs, therefore an understanding of how these standards affect retrofits and new construction is important. It is the responsibility of the Architect, Engineers, and Contractors to be familiar with these specifications and how and when to apply them. To maintain standards and ease of maintenance, only products approved by this department are to be used. Any variance from these product standards shall be approved in writing by a member of this department.

Design teams are required to use an RCDD and/or an engineer with a minimum of three years experience working closely with our design requirements. Contractors shall meet the conditions set forth in the DCPS Technology Contractor Pre-approval Requirements.

Check the FAQ section of this web site for answers to previously asked questions.  Those answers become a part of the specification by being posted to this site.

New questions should be e-mailed to [email protected]
Please include contact information as part of your inquiry.

The latest version (2007) of the specifications was published to this web site at 3:00 P.M. on March 29, 2007.  All construction work bid prior to this date shall still use the 2005 version (found in archive).  All design and construction begun after this posting date shall be based on this specification.


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