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Dr. Joseph Wise
Superintendent of Schools

superintendent's cabinet

Doug Ayars
Chief Operating Officer
Thresa Giles
Chief Business Officer
Ed Pratt-Dannals
Chief Academic Officer
David Sundstrom
Chief of Staff

Leadership Team
In alphabetical order. All names are email links:

Myrna Amos
General Director, Academic Programs
Barbara Langley
Chief Officer, K-8 Education
Cluster 1
Tim Ballentine
General Director, Research, Assessment and Evaluation
Kathryn LeRoy
Chief Officer, Math & Science Education
Jonathan Brice
Chief Officer,
Special Services
Lisa Moore
General Director, Policy and Compliance
Mary Brown
General Director, Academic Programs
Leila Mousa
Assistant to the Superintendent, College Board School Initiative
Jackie Byrd
Executive Director, Superintendent's Standard Bearer
Cluster 4
Carolyn Parker
General Director, Business Services
Melody Davis
Executive Director, K-8 Education
Cluster 2
John Radcliffe
Director, Technical & Logistic Services
Ron Fagan
General Director, Operations Business
Planning and Program Management
Vicki Reynolds
Chief Human Resource Officer
Diane Gillespie
General Director, Exceptional Student Education
Larry Roziers
Executive Director, High School Education
Michellea Graves
General Director, Alternative Education Programs & Behavioral Support
Paul A. Soares
Chief Officer Operations Support
Dr. Sally Hague
Director, School Choice/Pupil Assignment
David Solomon
Director, Transportation Services
Donna Hulsey
Executive Director, K-8 Education
Cluster 2
Theresa Stahlman
Chief Technology Officer
Jim Hendrix
Director, Facilities Maintenance
James Streit
Director, Communications
Steve Hite
Chief Officer, K-8 Education
Peggy Williams
Director, Project Management
Donna Hulsey
Executive Director,
Superintendent's Standard Bearer & Acceleration Schools
James Williams
Chief Officer, Superintendents Standard Bearer Schools
Cluster 4
Selinda Keyes
Chief Officer, K-8 Education
Cluster 2
Pat Willis
Chief Operating Officer, Schultz Center
Karen Kuhlmann
Director, Real Estate and Agency Liasons
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