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Duval County Public Schools actively promotes relationships between business people and schools for the purpose of better education. By joining this effort and helping a school, businesses - small and large - make a real difference in the quality of education provided our children. How a business becomes involved with a school can be based upon the size and nature of the business, the time or resources a business had to contribute and the mutual goals of the school and business partner.

There are three ways businesses can support schools

  1. Business-Education Partnerships
    Business Education Partnerships are established year-long relationships between businesses and schools. Together, teams identify and address specific school needs.

    Each Partnership is unique; it is based upon:
    • The size and nature of your business
    • The time you have to contribute
    • The needs of your partner school
    Partnerships may be formed with any school and at any grade level. Some schools are in greater need of partnerships due either to a lack of existing business partners or a student population who may be facing significant challenges.

    We encourage you to consider selecting a school that will provide the greatest impact for the investment of your time and resources
  2. Teacher Supply Depot
    With the help of local businesses, the Teacher Supply Depot diverts tons of discarded materials and supplies from the city's landfills to its facility. Teachers use these same supplies in innovative ways to enhance instruction and improve achievement in classrooms

    The Depot is always in need of supplies and volunteers. Click here for more information.
  3. Business Donors
    Many of our schools are fortunate enough to receive various gifts of in-kind and cash donations from businesses on the First Coast.

    Examples might include but are not limited to:
    • Incentives/scholarships A/B Honor Roll students
    • Mentoring services to students/teams
    • The donation of playground equipment
    In many cases, the process of completing a formal Business Education Partnership Agreement and committing to one-year partnerships for one year is too cumbersome given the nature of the donation.

    Business Coordinators at each school can work with you to determine which avenue is best for you, in addition to providing a receipt for your donation. You may contact the Community Involvement Office at 904-390-2960 or the school directly for more information.
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