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Volunteer Screening Policy

Volunteers are an important part of student success in Duval County Public Schools. Our community contributes tens of thousands of volunteer hours each year, and we sincerely appreciate all that our volunteers do on behalf of our students.

The safety of those students while in our care also is of paramount importance. As part of the district's focus on keeping our students safe, the Duval County School Board recently adopted a new policy requiring that all school volunteers complete a volunteer application and undergo a basic background screening before performing any volunteer duties. This policy applies to all kinds of volunteers, including classroom volunteers, mentors*, field trip chaperones, event helpers and others. *Mentors will be required to undergo additional background screening and training through Kesler Mentoring Connection as they often work alone with students.

If you anticipate volunteering in any way in a Duval County public school during the 2005-2006 school year, we encourage you to complete a volunteer application now to ensure that you will be able to participate in the manner in which you wish. Please mail your application directly to the Community Involvement Office, at the address below. It will be processed by district staff trained in conducting background screenings. Your social security number and date of birth, in addition to any information developed during the background screening, will be kept in a secure location at the district office. It is not shared with anyone in the schools or with other district departments.

If you wish to volunteer but have concerns about information that a background screening may produce, please don't hesitate to call us at 390-2432. In many cases, this information will not prevent you from becoming a volunteer. We will be happy to discuss your individual situation with you and answer any questions you may have.

Please click here to download a copy of the Volunteer Application.

Complete the Volunteer Application and Mail To:
Duval County Public Schools
Community Involvement Office
1701 Prudential Drive, Rm 614
Jacksonville, FL 32207

You may find answers on our Volunteer Screening Frequently Asked Questions page. If not, please call our office.

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