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In 1998, a task force was established to develop initiatives that enhance Duval County Public Schools' family and community friendly environments. This initiative was based upon recommendations made by the New Century Commission. In addition to creating a program fostering a friendlier environment, the task force sought to design a program encouraging family involvement.

The result was Family Friendly, a unique program that is improving the level of customer service our schools and administrative departments offer parents, students, and community stakeholders. The idea is that placing emphasis on customer service encourages family involvement and better community support.

In order for a school or administrative department to be designated Family Friendly, it must first participate in and complete specialized customer service training offered by the Community Involvement staff. In addition, applicants are required to submit extensive portfolios highlighting numerous examples of outstanding customer service in which they've displayed. After completing training and earning the distinction of being officially designated Family Friendly, the school or administrative department receives a Certificate of Recognition and a Family Friendly flag or banner for display.

For more information about Family Friendly, call 904 390 2960.

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