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Take a moment to visit your child's school; get a glimpse of the diverse educational activities that can be enhanced by parent, community and business involvement.

School Matters

You can access the names of school administrators, telephone numbers, email addresses and links that provide valuable information about schools. Many schools throughout our district have built their own websites which provide more detailed information. Visit often. Keep in touch with your school.

In The Know

You can chart a school's progress on our site and compare that with your child's achievement. Your involvement is important to your child, every other child and to the school as a whole. Virtually every facet of your child's school day is featured at dreamsbeginhere.org, from the academic calendar and enrollment, to school bus schedules and lunch menus. We're always interested in getting feedback from you and your student.

It's another way we strive to improve every aspect of the journey. The journey is important. Every day. For every kid.

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