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Community Education Policy and Procedures
  • Notice: All classes and books/program subject to schedule and price changes.
  • Refund Policy: Community Education Classes - request for refund must be made within three (3) Business days after 1st class.
  • FCCJ Courses (GED): Students must be 16 or older to register for class.
  • Use of Building: Responsible clubs, groups, etc. are invited to use their community school as a meeting place during regular community school hours. Call 693-7620, ext. 0, between 4:00 pm & 8:30 pm to make arrangements. Proof of liability insurance required.
  • Payments: All classes must be paid in full upon registration. Program price does not include the price of materials. Some schools require cash payments for registration, so please check with the school of your choice prior to registration time.
  • Enrollment: Classes have limited seats available on a first come first serve basis. Registration times and days are pre-set. Please respect this process and do not arrive before or after the specified time period as it effects other activities that are going on in the school.
  • Discounts: Senior discounts are available at some locations for those students 60 years and older. Ask the community coordinator at the school about opportunities. Discounts are approximately $5.00.
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