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Registration for kindergarten and first-grade students usually begins in late April or early May at any Duval County public elementary school. Call Pupil Assignment at 390-2144 or your school for more information.

Under Florida Law:

  • A child must have successfully completed kindergarten in order to be eligible for first grade.
  • Children may enter kindergarten if they will be five years old on or before September 1st.
  • Children may enter first grade if they will be six years old on or before September 1st, and have successfully completed kindergarten.
  • All children who will be six years old by February 1st must attend school.
  • All children must attend school until they reach the age of 16.

This is Florida law and there are no exceptions.

How do you register your child in a Duval County public school?

  1. Find out which school your child(ren) will attend.
    Contact the Pupil Assignment Office at 390-2144 to learn where your child(ren) are assigned to attend school based upon your home address.
  2. Visit the school your child(ren) attend to register during school hours.
    Check the school listing on our Website for individual school hours. for school listings.
  3. Bring the following information with you:
    • Results of a Florida physical (school-entry health exam) performed within one year of the date of enrollment.
    • Proof of address. Acceptable documents include:
      • a Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) bill,
      • a credit card statement,
      • a mortgage agreement,
      • a lease agreement (from a company, not a private individual) or
      • a piece of mail forwarded to the current address and containing a yellow U.S. Post Office forwarding address sticker.
    • Proof of all required immunizations (Florida certification of immunization, DH Form 690) or an exemption.
    • Kindergarten and First Grade Students:
      Certified birth record. Acceptable birth records include:
      • the original certified birth record;
      • a duly attested transcript of the child’s birth record filed according to law by a public officer charged with recording births;
      • a duly attested transcript of a certificate of baptism showing the date of birth and place of baptism, accompanied by a sworn affidavit by the parents;
      • an insurance policy on the child’s life that has been in force for at least two years;
      • a bona fide contemporary Bible record of the child’s birth, accompanied by an affidavit sworn to by the parents;
      • a passport or certificate of arrival in the United States showing the age of the child; or
      • a transcript of record of age shown in the child’s school record of a least four years prior to application and stating the date of birth.
    • Previously enrolled in another school:
      When a child has been enrolled in another school district, parents are asked to provide the latest report card from that district.
    • Optional: a Social Security number.
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