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Tips for Parents of Elementary School Students

  • Read to and with your children every day. Discuss the characters, events and what you like best about the book.
  • Demonstrate how much you value reading by keeping books, magazines and other reading materials in the house. Take trips to the library.
  • Keep pencils, paper, crayons, and washable markers handy for notes, lists, and schoolwork. Writing takes practice, and it starts and is reinforced at home.
  • Teach your children to do things for themselves. It takes practice to learn to do things correctly.
  • Limit the time children spend watching television. Studies indicate that achievement drops for children who watch more than 10 hours of television a week.
  • Establish a regular time for homework each afternoon or evening. Set aside a quiet, well-lit place, and encourage children to study.
  • Review your children's homework with them. Point out errors, but let them correct their own work.
  • Have a dictionary available (age-appropriate), and let your children look up words they aren't able to spell.
  • Talk to your children, and listen to them as well. Find out about their day, friends, and the things that are really important to them.
  • Encourage your children. Praise them for the things they do well.
  • Have your children attend school regularly.
  • Keep in touch with the school. Attend parent conferences and meetings.
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