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ESEAC 2007-08 Meeting Schedule | Leadership Development Training Info

The ESEAC membership includes parents, teachers, Exceptional Student Education staff, local university staff, administrators, and community agency representatives. Together We're Better!

What is the purpose of the Committee?
The primary objective of this committee will be to serve in an advisory capacity on those matters that affect the schools, students and the community. Included in these duties will be:

  • To advise the Duval County Public Schools Exceptional Student Education (DCPS/ESE) Department of unmet needs within the county.
  • To advise the DCPS/ESE Department in developing and implementing policies relating to the coordination of services for children with special needs.
  • To review data.
  • To comment as an organization publicly on any rules or regulations proposed by the Department of Education (DOE) regarding the education of children with special needs.
  • To provide representation to task forces, advisory committees, etc., at the local, state, and national levels.
  • To provide insight and direction from a parent and community point of view to the DCPS/ESE department.

The ESEAC shall also perform those duties assigned to it by the District Improvement Plan.

2007 - 2008 ESEAC Meeting Schedule

Exceptional Student Education Advisory Committee (ESEAC)

The ESEAC and Florida Inclusion Network/Duval (FIN) present a series of free workshops for families of Duval County Public Schools students receiving ESE services in an inclusive setting, titled:

Including Parents in the Inclusion Process”

Workshop dates:

  • November 08, 2007

  • February 21, 2008

  • April 10, 2008

ESEAC General Business meeting Dates:

  • September 13, 2007

  • January 10, 2008

  • May 8, 2008

The 13th Annual "Tools for Success" Conference
February 27, 2008
8 am - 3 pm
Schultz Center
4019 Boulevard Center Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32207

All Presentations and Business Meetings begin at 7pm
And will be held at the Exceptional Education/Student Services (EE/SS)
Professional Learning Communities Center (PLCC)
4124 Boulevard Center Dr 32207

    ESEAC Board:  Chairperson: Susan Adams (353-6300);

    Vice Chairperson: Jill Fane (376-5983); Secretary: Judy Glendenning (346-4601 x118); Membership: Vacant; Historian/Parliamentarian: Charlotte Temple (358-1200)

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