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Active and involved School Advisory Councils play a vital role in the overall operation and success of schools throughout Duval County and the State of Florida.

The councils, mandated by the Florida Legislature in 1991, provide parents, students, faculty, staff, and community and business members an opportunity to get involved with a school’s long-term mission and short-term objectives by participating in the development of education priorities and the assessment of school needs.

The primary objective of the SAC, whose membership must consist of a majority of individuals not employed by the school, is to assist in the preparation, evaluation, and implementation of the school improvement plan.

SACs, however, has numerous other responsibilities, which include helping prepare and approve a school budget and studying various data, such as test scores, which determine student success.

Click here for the current School Advisory Council Handbook and sample School Advisory Council bylaws.

For more information about SACs, contact your area school or the school your child currently attends.

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