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  • Elementary student is 75 cents
  • Secondary student is 75 cents
  • "Reduced meal" student is 30 cents (more info)
  • Adult is $1.00

Free Breakfast for Elementary School children.

There are two free breakfast programs in Duval County public schools which do not require the family to submit a Free/Reduced Meal application. These two programs are Provision 2 and Breakfast in the Classroom.


  • Elementary student is $1.30
  • Secondary student is $1.45
  • "Reduced meal" student is 40 cents (more info)
  • Adult is $2.10

No more forgetting your lunch money!

What is MyLunchMoney.com?
MyLunchMoney.com is a convenient and easy to use credit card prepayment system that allows parents to add money to their child's meal account at the school he/she attends.
How does it work?
When the child goes through the food service line the money for his/her meal is deducted from the account balance, eliminating the need to send money each day for lunch or breakfast. Parents are able to set recurring payments based on a low balance amount that they specify. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of this service.
Where do I find more information?
Please be advised that www.myLunchMoney.com customer service has changed office locations to accommodate all time zones as well as provide access to live customer support. Support hours are 8:00 am to 7:00 pm EST. In addition, both administrators and parents are able to speak with a live representative by calling 1-800-479-3531 option 5. This support line should be your first call if you experience any problems or have questions about this service.

For additional information, call the Food Service Office at (904) 732-5117 or email us.

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